Integrated Logistics Service

Integrated logistics service packages including international freight forwarding, domestic warehousing, transportation, supply chain management, cross-border e-commerce logistics, and supply chain finance.

T3EX Group focus on sea and airfreight contract services. We pursue continuous growth through developing our business into an integrated logistics product with full services in customs clearance, inland transportation and warehousing.

As an international logistics company, T3EX Group are fully aware of the significance of information management. Therefore, through our talent program, we nurtured IT programming specialists for the development of our information technology systems. We are currently consolidating the operating systems and upgrading our computer networking equipment. Our goal is to es-tablish effective management processes, provide our customers tailored e-commerce services, and effectively manage production, cost, and inventory through powerful information management and processing systems. The en-hanced systems are expected to build up competitiveness and bring more mar-ket possibilities.

Our Services

  1. International Freight
  2. Domestic Logistics Services
  3. Professional Third-party logistics Services
  4. Supply Chain Management and Customized Services
  5. Cross-Border E-commerce Logistics
  6. Supply Chain Finance