Social Responsibility

Safeguarding employees’ rights and interests

  1. Providing employees with comprehensive training
    Human capital is our biggest asset. We attach great importance to employees’ rights, interests, and benefits. In addition to offering employees labor and health insurance plans pursuant to the government’s regulations and setting up the employee welfare committee to handle related matters, various kinds of training and development programs are also implemented to foster talents.
  2. Offering employees the right to freedom of expressions
    We have a well-established management system, issuing salaries and year-end bonuses based on the government’s laws and the company’s system. Moreover, we have periodic labor-management meetings as a channel for employees to express their opinions.

Caring for employees

  1. Ensuring a safe work environment
  2. Drawing up labor health and safety related policies in written form
  3. Others (e.g. attaching importance to labors’ physical and mental health and family lives)
    We are a services provider without any factories or production equipment. Each of the offices is located at a sound environment with safety facilities in accordance with related laws. We also have HR management regulations. Any newly added or amended measures on employee-employer relationship will take effect only after being fully discussed between the employees and management. Health and safety lectures are provided to all employees and pre-employment training is given to new recruits every now and then. In addition, all employees are offered annual health checkups, as part of the company’s commitment to creating a comfortable and safe workplace.

Investor relationship

  1. Enhancing transparency in business operations
  2. Putting emphasis on corporate governance
    In compliance with the Company Act and related regulations, we hold shareholders’ meeting every year to give our shareholders opportunities to ask questions and make proposals. We encourage the shareholders to actively participate in the election for directors and supervisors and amendments to the Articles of Incorporation. Meanwhile, the minutes of all shareholders’ meetings have been well preserved by the company in accordance with the shareholders’ meeting procedure rules. Since the company’s initial public offering in July, 2006, we have followed the information announcement procedures to disclose material information at the Market Observation Post System to timely provide all information that may have influence on investors’ decisions. Furthermore, various corporate governance measures have been stipulated to specify the duties and powers of the board of directors and supervisors in compliance with the “Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles for TSEC/TPEx Listed Companies”. Additionally, our accountants hold talks with the management every year to give suggestions for corporate governance improvements.

Supplier relations

  1. Laying stress on the reasonableness of procurement prices
  2. Others
    We have maintained great relationships with our major suppliers, such as shipping companies, airline companies, or peer agencies. We adhere to our integrity principle to maintain reasonable prices and steady acquisition of spaces.

Shareholder relations

  1. Providing comprehensive and transparent financial status to our loan lenders
  2. We disclose our financial information to our lending banks regularly for them to assess the loan applications and make decisions.
  3. Attaching importance to relationship with customers (e.g. protecting consumers’ rights and interests, thinking highly of service quality, satisfying customers and encouraging innovation, handling customers’ complaints in a real-time manner, offering comprehensive services information, etc. )
    We adopt the highest standard to safeguard our clients’ rights and interests and uphold the spirit of quality service to deliver shipments to the designated locations safely and rapidly. Meanwhile, client satisfaction surveys are conducted regularly to find out our clients’ needs and areas required for further improvements. In addition, clients have efficient and effective access to information of our services and means to provide their feedback through the company’s official website.

Implementation of client policy

  1. Strictly observing clients’ demands when working with major clients, we would follow the clients’ instructions for many operation details and procedures. Meanwhile, we would take the initiative to notify them of any changes to truly meet their service and quality demands.