Risk Management

To counter the challenges of a fast changing global economy and to implement efficient corporate governance, T3EX Group adopts a robust risk management framework and an effective implementation roadmap that approach in four aspects, which are operation, finance, IT security and corporate governance, to identify and manage potential risks that may have an impact on a company's sustainable development. In addition, T3EX Group implements management strategies and takes measures to transfer, mitigate, minimize, or even eliminate risks entirely and turn them into business opportunities.

Risk Management Policy

The Company has established the〝 Risk Management Policy” as the top principle of risk management and approved from the board of meeting in year 2012. The company has evaluated potential risks annually, as well as set up risk management procedures including the importance of risk control, the structure of risk management, the responsibility of risk control for executing. In order to recognize, evaluate, and control risks, decreasing the potentiality to acceptable range.

The Scope and Structure of Risk Management

The Scope of Risk Management

Risk Management Structure

The implement of Risk Management Committee

Since year 2020, the Company has been executing risk management as well as reporting the implantation to the audit committee and board of director annually. The main implement as below:

  1. The risk management committee has surveyed and analyzed the potential risks of the four scopes of IT security, finance, corporate governance, operating. And then it has instituted the importance of risks and risk control plans of 2021 which were approved by the audit committee and board of directors on November, 2020. In addition, the audit department has listed those importance of risks and risk control plans into annual audit plan of 2021.
  2. The Company has added the importance of risks and risk control plans of 2021 into the training class of 2020 group ethical corporate management via E-learning platform to promoting to staff. Also, it will be added into training class of newcomers.
  3. The risk management committee will review the implement process per quarter as well as report the conclusions to the audit committee and board of director per year.