Benefit system:

    1. Benefit system:
      1) Bonus: overtime pay, perfect attendance bonus, birthday bonus
      2) Off-day: weekend, paternity leave
      3) Insurance: Labor insurance, health insurance, health examination, maternity leave
      4) Entertainment: Domestic travel, overseas travel
      5) Compensation: wedding compensation, maternity compensation, on-job training, do-mestic and overseas continuous education, retirement plan (pension and benefits after retirement), funeral compensation for employees and family members

    2. The retirement policy:
      The Company’s retirement policy is in accordance with the provisions in the Labor Standards Law and Labor Pension Act of the Republic of China.

    3. Protection of Workplace and Labor Safety
      The principle of our occupational management is to construct a comfortable, safe and hygienic workplace for the labors, protect their safety, and adhere to the occupational environmental policy of “respecting lives, being disciplined by safety, undertake risk management, pollution prevention, audit & assistance, performance management, safety culture, and continuous improvement” in the attainment of “Zero Occupational Accident”.

      Our company pays much attention to the employees’ safety and health, from the traffic safety during rush hour, pre-employed health check-up, periodic health examinations, safety propaganda, to the operational manual of employees in workplace, all are rigidly ruled and carried out. In the aspect of fire prevention and emergency exit, we would check the fire evacuation yearly, and carry out various emergency-response practices yearly. In addition, we would conduct the personnel first aid training to completely prevent the occurrences of the accidents. The management of labor safety and health would perform unscheduled safety and health checks, and supervisors of environmental health would audit and propagate environmental health and safety. kend and provide guidance and audit to avoid the occurrence of occupational incidents.

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