Internal Audit

Our internal audit is conducted by an independent unit which reports directly to the board of directors. In addition to making reports routinely in board meetings, it also reports to the chairman, supervisors, and audit committee when necessary.

The internal audit regulations stipulate that the internal audit unit reviews the operating procedures and internal control within the company and reports whether the design and implementation of related controls are appropriate, effective, and efficient. Such regulations apply to all the operations in the company as well as the subsidiaries.

Audit is mainly practiced according to the audit plan approved by the board of directors. The audit plan was mapped out based on the recognized risks; meanwhile, audit and review projects are implemented if needed. In short, audit in our company includes general audit and project-based audit, both of which are aimed at informing the management level the operation and function status of internal control and the or potential weaknesses.

The internal audit unit reviews the self-examinations conducted by each department, including checking whether the work was done and reviewing documents to ensure the implementation quality. After collecting the audit results, the audit unit reports to the chairman, audit committee and the board of directors.