Group Value

Carrying Trust, Delivering the Future

Upon its founding, T3EX Global Holdings has set out to grow with our clients, and create a brighter future together. We do not stop at meeting our custom-ers’logistical needs; we strive to win the trust of our customers with professional and high-quality services with the most comprehensive service network.

Technology, trust, and total solution drive our growth


As an international logistics group, we continue to innovate, using modern technology to achieve high-efficiency global transportation management. Over the years, our professional IT team has been responding to the needs of our customers by providing customized e-commerce services, effective production management, and inventory cost management to stay competitive in the mar-ket.


We have over 70 business sites throughout Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia, that are supported and trusted by nearly 400 agents worldwide. We provide professional, dedicated, prompt and reliable services, we are focused and meticulous down to every single detail. We work hard to achieve a sustainable win-win situation to boost our customer satisfaction.

Total Solution

Through the platform of our holding company, we provide our customers with comprehensive one-stop logistics services including complementary product lines and human resources through collaboration of our subsidiaries. From international sea and air freight, customs clearance, warehousing and transportation to logistics for e-commerce, we meet our customers’needs in global distribution with comprehensive, professional and efficient logistics services.

Our business advantages are advanced global market reach and all-around services.

  • Brand Advantage: A Taiwanese brand, acting as a platform for integrated services in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, has the advantage of bridging localization and in-ternationalization.
  • Distribution Advantage: T3EX has a complete network of locations in Asia and a global network of agents.
  • Product Advantage: T3EX offers sea, land, air, river and railway transport, warehousing and a full range of supply chain logistics management services.
  • Human Resources Advantage: T3EX has a team of professional, innovative and dedicated logistics spe-cialists.
  • Information Advantage: T3EX’s advanced ERP system, warehouse and transportation manage-ment system(WMS&TMS), supply chain management systems(SCM) and e-commerce management system enable us to provide customized infor-mation management services.