Initiating Period 1984~1989

1984 TAI HWA INT’L LTD. was established in Taipei, Taiwan, focusing on freight forwarding business.
1987 T.H.I(HKG) LTD. was established, extending the group’s reach to over-seas.

Constructing Period 1990~1999

1990 The first business office in China, the Xiamen Representative Office of T.H.I(HKG) LTD., was established.
1998 T.H.I. AIRFREIGHT LTD. was established, indicating the outset of air freight business.

Developing Period 2000~2008

2000 SHANGHAI T.H.I. TRANSPORT CO., LTD was established, with the headquarters relocating from Taipei to Shanghai
2001 A corporate identity system (CIS) was set up, leading to the birth of the logo T.H.I.
2004 Business coverage was expanded to include China’s domestic logistics via the investment in SHANGHAI YAOHWA INTERNATIONAL FORWARDER CO., LTD.
2008 T.H.I. GROUP (Vietnam) LTD. was established, tapping into the Southeast Asia market.

Transforming Period 2009~present

2009 The company was listed and traded on the OTC Market, under the ticker number 2636.
T.H.I. GROUP BANGKOK CO., LTD. was established, representing further broadening of the business coverage in Southeast Asia.
2010 The company extended business footprint into Northeast Asia by co-investing in THI & Maruzen Inc. in Japan.
The company acquired 100% shareholding of TAIWAN EXPRESS, scaling up the air freight business.
2012 T.H.I. GROUP CAMBODIA CO., LTD was established, another business site in Southeast Asia.
The company was renamed T.H.I. GLOBAL HOLDINGS CORP. and transformed into a logistics investment holdings company.
2013 The logistics e-commerce platform T.H.I. Online was built by adopting an O2O logistics business model.
2014 To celebrate the 30th anniversary, we renamed the company T3EX Global Holdings Corp. and launched a brand new CIS with the logo T3EX.
2015 To reinforce ASEAN plus three regional deployment, we established T.H.I. GROUP SINGAPORE PTE LTD, the operating headquarters in Southeast Asia, raised our shareholdings in THI & Maruzen Inc. to 51%, and acquired a 30% stake in Korean logistics company LOGI International Co., Ltd.
To deeply develop warehousing and transportation services in China, we acquired 60% shares of T-Cube Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
To step into e-commerce logistics, we acquired 68% shares of Shanghai EXer Logistics Co.,Ltd.
2016 The company established THI Logistics (Malaysia) SDN BHD, the operating headquarters in Southeast Asia.
2016 The company changed its listing from GreTai Securities Market to the Taiwan Stock Exchange.
2017 To expand New Zealand and Australia business, the company invested Shanghai Moorluk International Shipping Co.,Ltd.
Taiwan Express acquired Hala Certification from JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia).
2018 To expand Air cargos and cross border e-commerce business in Southern Asia market , the company invested AIRTROPOLIS EXPRESS(S) PTE LTD. (ATP) in Singapore
2019 T3EX Group 35th anniversary
To develop supply chain finance business, the company established subsidiary - T-SC Factoring Co., Ltd.
THI Logistics Philippines Corp. was established, representing further broadening of the business coverage in Southeast Asia.